The San Francisco Bay Shoreline Contamination Cleanup Coalition mobilizes for the safe, comprehensive, and immediate cleanup of all toxic and radioactive contamination near the SF Bay shoreline, where sea level rise due to the climate crisis will spread the contamination. Climate and environmental justice is our highest priority.

We educate, unite, and mobilize a diverse network of grassroots community, environmental and climate justice, environmental, social justice, indigenous, faith-based, and youth organizations to work for safe, comprehensive cleanup of toxic and radioactive sites on and around the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

We engage with governments and government agencies at all levels to ensure that they follow their mandates and laws to protect frontline communities and safeguard vibrant and healthy social and natural ecosystems

In our coalition work we strive to practice the Principles of Environmental Justice and the Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing. We also promote these principles among our member organizations.

The SF Bay Shoreline CCC demands that city, regional, state, and federal agencies implement immediate, comprehensive, safe cleanup and removal or remediation of all toxic and radioactive waste on or near the San Francisco Bay shoreline.

The waste must be removed immediately, as rising sea and groundwater levels already threaten to inundate numerous contamination sites on and near the shoreline, and spread deadly contamination into communities and the bay itself.

Each community may have specific demands with respect to the circumstances and needs of that community, but in general we demand that:

1. Toxic and radioactive waste must be cleaned up, not just covered up.

2. Protect the health of residents during and after the cleanup process, which may include providing safe relocation and subsequent return to their current residences.

3. Toxic and radioactive contaminated material that is removed must be safely transported and stored in the least harmful new location.

Coalition Members (link list under construction)

Contact Us

While our site and action tools are under construction, please email the coalition with your questions and interests. We welcome frontline communities, organizations and concerned citizens. info@sfbayshorelineccc.org